Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My first blog post !!!

HI guyz !! This is my first post to the blog and i m really excited to post here . Microsoft have come up with a cool tool called "Windows Live writer" which you can download from

Its a writer program that helps you publish feature rich content to blogs without the hassle of executing multi-click steps of writing to a blog . Have to say it is a handy tool !

Anyways , i m finally writing to this blog after much ado . It feels really nice to be back to blogging !! I used to blog at Yahoo360 and @ my organisational blog @SUN both of which you can still catch at

I hope to make this blog a write-up about the technologies and components in the Storage World that interest me . I would be putting up articles related to storage , basic glossary/definitions for newbies to storage and latest buzzwords/technologies that rock the storage world..So keep in touch and hope to c u soon back again !


Anonymous said...

Hey Goks!! Well done !! I have always told ya tht you are a great writer.And i think this blog will harness ur knowledge abt the domain very well and others will imbibe from it too..Great Going..

Jayaram said...

Looks good..only that u continue writing consistently and not like ur 360 blog...:)
So dude u more interesting topics!
As Kals says...we get to learn a lot from posting and good luck!


Gokul said...

hey thnx raaman n kals for the encouragin words..ya since its just startin ..i wil keep it a bit short and to the point..but as it gets more views and readers ..i wil put up interestin n detailed stuf !! . Plan to put storage news and latest buzzwords too sometime

Narendra said...

Great stuff. Keep it up. Is it possible to load your articles on the Sun Blog as well - if so I would recommend doing that as well.