Sunday, September 09, 2007

News-n-Analysis :: Zmanda launches Open-format Windows backup solution

Zmanda has launched an open-format backup solution for Windows in the Amanda family.Good news for all backup folks who wanted an open-ended backup solution on Windows. By the word open-ended i mean, a backup solution that will allow you to backup and restore in formats compatible with Winzip,Pkzip,Compressed Folders etc. This means any data backed up from a Windows box can be restored back even if you do not have Amanda installed , or if you have any of Winzip , Pk-zip or the Compressed Folders feature from Windows itself. Isn't that so cool ? The obvious advantage of this would be that, it eliminates vendor lock-in and takes you out from the jaws of a legacy backup provider to whom you are paying huge sums of money and can't find a way to migrate out ! And more so , its coming off the stable of a leading open-source provider - Zmanda. Here's the link ->

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